How it works

4 Simple steps

1 Try On

Let us come to you. Choose up to 3 dresses to try on at the comfort of your home

2 Mail Back

Unbox and experience your dream dress with your friends and family. Share the amazing moment with us on #bluetagbride.

3 Place Order

Congratulation! You’ve found “the one”. Now go to to customize and buy. If you decide to make an order before you return the samples, you’ll get 5% off on your order. Woohoo!!!

4 Provide Measurements

Pay a visit to your local tailor/seamstress for your measurement and talk to our stylist if you want to make any changes on the dress.


How many sample dresses can I order per try on box?

How much does it cost for a try on box?

How long do I have to try on my sample dress?

How do I return the samples?

Can you ship samples outside the United States?

What sizes are available to try on?

How long will I receive my sample box?

Is there someone available to help me choose the right ones?

Can I make some changes on the original dress?

What if I want to design my own dress?

Can I order plus size for my dress?

Do I have to pay shipping fees for my final gown?

How long will it take for my final gown to be delivered?

How can I take my measurement?

What if my gown arrives damaged or what if my gown doesn’t fit?

Can I return my made-to-order gown?