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Why BlueTag Is Different?

Our Story ―

My name is Fleur Dam - founder of BlueTag Bridal. Years ago like almost every bride, I was frustrated with the obscene markups and non-transparent process at traditional wedding dress boutiques. I went back to my hometown in Vietnam and learned that dresses boutiques sell for thousands cost mere hundreds to create and most of designer brand outsources production to third-party manufacturers in other countries.
I talked to my college friend - Anna Nguyen about my idea on how to make the shopping experience of wedding dress to be seamless and fun. And together we started to draw a first sketch of BlueTag Bridal. The end result for our customers is that we can deliver a great quality products and customization for a much better price that you can’t imagine.
BlueTag is for everyone. Our designers have worked in this industry for over 7 years and can help you bring any dreams come true. BlueTag Bridal is proud to be 100% women-owned business. Be yourself, be a #bluetagbride